United Way is proud to be a sponsor for this event and to be a part of supporting Education in Bartow County! Sign up today…there is even individual shooter registration AND it’s at Barnsley Gardens!!!

On Nov. 2 at Barnsley Gardens Resort, the  Bartow Education Foundation will host its second annual Dot Frasier Sporting  Clay Tournament to benefit the county’s teacher grant program. Last year the  clay shoot raised about $30,000 and drew 30 shooters.
“We were looking  for an out-of-the-box fundraiser that the foundation had never done,” event  organizer Janet Queen said. “This seemed like a good opportunity. It was a good  time of the year — there’s nothing better to get folks out than the fall  [season] of the year — the temperature is perfect, and plus, having it at  Barnsley Gardens gave a lot of people who might not otherwise have the  opportunity to visit Barnsley to come out and shoot.”
She continued, “The  feedback we got from everybody was that this was the perfect time to have it.  I’ve been involved with several other sporting clay shoots and they were  normally in July, August, even September and it’s still warm, but this time of  the year it’s kind of in-between seasons … and the leaves are gorgeous and  it’s just a great time of the year.”
With registration beginning at 8  a.m. and the tournament starting at 10 a.m., four-person teams will fire from 15  shooting stations with one warm-up round per shooter. Light breakfast and lunch  will be provided along with cash and door prizes, including a shotgun donated by  Walmart.
The cost to compete for the two shooter sponsor package is $750  and the cost for a four-shooter group sponsor package is $1,000. Other  sponsorship packages are available for non-shooters at $250 and  $500.
Non-sponsor, shooter-only rates are $500 for a team of four, $250  for a team of two and $125 for an individual. Shooters not arriving as a group  of four will be placed in a group.
Frasier said while the tournament will  be a good opportunity for fellowship, it is important for participants to know  the money raised for the foundation will directly impact the lives of Bartow  County students.
“If it weren’t for the foundation donating money to  teachers, [teachers] would be pulling a lot of money from their pocket that they  really don’t have,” Frasier said. “With all the cuts we’ve had locally and  statewide and on the federal level, it’s just unreal the needs they  have.
“We try to provide just a little bit of what they need to make kids  continue to want to come to school and want to learn. Children get ideas and  form opinions about school early on, and they drop out later on because of the  bad experiences they’ve had in the early grades. So we want to make learning  fun, we want to make it very rigorous, but we want to meet the needs of the  children and we want to keep it interesting so they will continue to hang in  there with us.”
Last year the foundation awarded more than $80,000 in  grants, and Frasier said this year the foundation hopes to award $100,000. 
“The best example [of a teacher grant] I know is a fifth-grade class and the teacher was teaching a unit on geometry and she could not get the kids interested, so she wrote a grant and asked for paint and all kinds of materials that she could purchase at Lowe’s,” Frasier said. “[She] went outside and drew squares and circles and triangles and built and made all kinds of games using measurements and children got into geometry and then it was easier for her to teach.”
The deadline for registration is Oct. 29. Registration forms are  available online at the Bartow County School System’s website,  http://www.bartow.k12.ga.us/, under the Bartow Education Foundation tab on the left  side of the page. Forms also are available from the central office by calling  770-382-5800, ext. 3858.

Read more:  The Daily Tribune News – Clay shoot to benefit Bartow Education Foundation

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