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  1. hi my name is lillian hayes,i am contacing you due to the good feedback i have always seen and heard ,and the ways the salvation army,have have always helped me with things like clothing food ,and,once a pretty long time ago one or the other of united way or salvatation, got me and my 2 chidren an apartment.,gave us a check for $30.00 made out to kroger.it was a friday and the check was for food so we went over there and got a big cooler iced down drinks and food to last us till monday.even though our water and gas was on ,we did not have lights till monday and ya’ll took care of that ,.and a church had a benefit singing to split the money with me and another $300.oo .to help us get going . i said i would never forget it, ,how nice those people were to me and my kids.and ididn’t remember how nice andsweet those people, were to us.when i got so down for the last few days,1986 was a verygood year..

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