COVERED BRIDGE ZOMBIE RUN , OCTOBER 17th discounted price for students and staff of any school who wants to participate!! $25 if registered by October 1st!!

The United Way of Bartow County is having its first annual Covered Bridge ZOMBIE RUN on Saturday October 17th.  In hopes to get lots of students and faculty involved, and to increase participation while raising money for a great cause, we are offering a registration fee of $25 to all students and faculty!!! That means anyone of any age that is enrolled in any school or works for any school can get the discounted price if registered by October 1st!!!


Please make announcements and share this notice to let students and faculty know that they can print the form out from our website at .  All the students or school staff has to do is write the school they work or attend at under the registration area on the left hand side of the form and along with the $25 payment mail it in to P.O. Box 1264, Cartersville Ga, 30120.


The race is the same day as the “Covered Bridge Fall Festival” ( details of festival below) The first heat of the race starts at 4:30 p.m. at the Woodland Middle School in Historic Ehuarlee Georgia. This is a 5K so they will start at the Woodland Middle school football field and run a course around the churches cemeteries, baseball field,  across the historic bridge, through the woods and end up back at the football field all while being chased by blood thirsty Zombies.

Here are the details of the Covered Bridge Fall Festival and we hope you come out for both events!!!

Saturday, October 17th

Festival and Live Entertainment



The City of Euharlee hosts the annual Covered Bridge Fall Festival at Frankie Harris Park. This festival is a well-known, well attended event in Bartow County.


The festival weekend includes a Friday night concert, 60+ arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, free kids’ activities, live entertainment throughout the day, and prizes.


Sixes Tavern will be sponsoring the beer garden for this year’s festival and Taylor Farm Supply will be providing hayrides.


Sponsorships for the festival go towards supporting the three tenets of the city; historic preservation, recreation and conservation.  The fall festival encourages all three of the tenets.


  1. Historic Preservation: Encourages people to visit the city’s historic properies.  


  1. Recreation: The Covered Bridge Fall Festival provides good, old-fashioned family fun while showcasing some of Euharlee’s tourist attractions, natural resources (such as Euharlee Creek and the Etowah River), and beautiful parks.


  1. Conservation:  Coincides with A.  Most of the settlements that have happened here over the last few hundred years have been because of the access to the natural water resources that surround the city.  The Covered Bridge Fall Festival helps regional tourists experience and appreciate the natural and historic setting of the city. 




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